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Migrer vers GuppY 5.03.XX - 27/04/2017 : 15:07 by GuppY_Team

The migration script is intended for websites running with version 4.6.x of GuppY.

The evolution of version 5 is so substantial that it was not possible to provide a migration from older versions .

If your website runs on an older version of GuppY, you will have to first migrate to 4.6.28 before doing it to 5.03.XX.


GuppY version 5.03.XX - 27/04/2017 : 15:06 by GuppY_Team

Welcome to GuppY 5.03.XX, the easy web portal without basic sql data.

GuppY 5.03.XX is a new development after the revolution of the release of 5, GuppY structure has been completely revised and modified to be "responsive design" and meet the "mobile-friendly" criteria.

The solution to a single site with a responsive web configuration for PCs and mobile configuration for other devices was selected, detecting the user-agent GuppY of the screen to display the corresponding version.

First news - 27/04/2017 : 15:04 by GuppY_Team

This new web site was made with GuppY release 5.03.XX 

Though already stuffed with many functions, The GuppY Team has added a download space to let you customise your site: GuppY Land.

GuppY Land is aimed at being a dependance of FreeguppY, where will be stored and exposed plugins, skins, add-ons and all graphical elements that could make your GuppY more attractive and help you to have it look the way you want to.