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The informal team

The informal team :

  • aldweb - (that's me!, from France)

- GuppY's creator and main developper.
- e-mail :
- Web site :
  • JeandePeyrat, (The "Servers'servant!")
- JeandePeyrat, GuppY Team administrator, president of the association freeGuppY, forum moderator, freeGuppY servers maintenance has no secrets for Jean.
  • Papinou, (The "wizard of CSS")

- Papinou, administrator GuppY Team, Treasurer of the association freeGuppY, forum moderator, interested in everything concerning CSS style sheets and not bad at all at English!

  • Saxbar, (the "composer and musician" of php)

- Saxbar, Since August 2011 all GuppY versions rose from his keyboard, and this will not surprise you as computing, php and javascript writing and last but not least music are his passions

  • Djchouix, (The scientist)

- Djchouix, a great developper has been working noiselessy for so many years. He is the author of the new GuppY editors.

  • La Vache Qui Rêve -the dreaming cow! as she has named herself- But she is so much more feminine and subtle than that!-(GuppYed, tutos)

- GuppYed administrator and tutorials specialist in addition to keeping our stable tidy.

  • Fred68, (GuppYed, tutos)

- GuppYed administrator and tutorials specialist, an excellent tutorial for CKEditor is one of his major works.

  • Jerlal, (GuppYLand)

- GuppYLand administrator, alpha versions beta-tester , or fierce squeak-buster ...

  • Sabine, our design fairy, will in a trice dress up a lovely layout for GuppY, made in Quebec.

  • Laroche, a GuppY geek who knows all subtleties and cogs on his fingertips, and not the least of squeak-killers!

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