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Migration v5.01.00


  • You are in version 4.6 of GuppY and you check that if you had renamed some files, you renamed them back as the original ones.
    To do so, go to admin/services config. In Anti-Spam, you empty the fileds showing names of renames files and you save leaving boxes empty. You can check: GuppY has changed back to original names.
  • You have downloaded the full GuppY 5.01.xx package.
  • As to PHP, if version is lower to 5.4, safe mode must  be on off.  If version 5.4 or higher, safe mode doesn't exist any more.
  • Minimal PHP Version to run version 5.01.xx of GuppY is version 5.1 .
  • However, in order to achieve migration, minimal version of PHP is 5.2.  Thus, as far as users and others in PHP 5.1 are concerned, they will have to migrate locally then upload folders and files that have been migrated locally to the server through FTP.


Migration process:

  1. Run a "DB integrity check". Make sure it finds no error or run it again.
  2. Important!  Change your login password and admin if they contain less than 5 characters.
  3. Back up all of your web site in 4.6 before going ahead with the next step.
  4. Store a copy of this backup in a new folder on your hard drive, or even better, on another drive.
  5. Log in admin / config services and Anti-Spam, empty fields and scripts renowned recording.
  6. Delete the content of the plugins directory of the 4.6, because the plugins are not compatible with version 5.01, but please, make sure you do not touch the directory data/plugins.
  7. Drag and drop contents of GuppY 5.01 package at the root of the 4.6.x site to be migrated,  with the exception of the .htaccess file.
  8. Get connected to site for display.
  9. When showing, go straight to Admin, then Configurations and General Config to set up the site, particularly the url. GuppY will suggest it: it will added at a a click on the arrow, then you add the default CHMOD your host and you add the nickname and email of the webmaster. Don't forget to click "Save"
  10. Launch install by clicking yellow button "Install" top left of Admin page.
  11. Choose migration and  click "Let's go!".
  12. No ambiguity on this new page, answer the question by click the appropriate button.
  13. In the 2 next steps,  click the button "Lets'go!".
    Note you may click "No" on these two steps, which will send you back to step 09.
  14. Follow instructions and let migration run automatically.
    Attention: depending on the volume of data, the process may be long! 
    In the end, unnecessary files and folders will be deleted.
  15. When GuppY tells you that migration is done, accept proposition to delete "Install" directory not to forget it afterwards;  click "Next" then twice "Let's go!" .
    Eventually, you will see the homepage of your site with skin "no_skin".
  16. Connect as administrator, change password and check site configuration.

That's all.  Your site has been migrated to version 5.01.xx of GuppY !!!

Now you can go through full configuration of your site, change skin, and reorganise you site if needed.
Finally, it is recommended that one or more integrity checks to get any error.


Important notices:

  • Once you have finished migrating, make sure that all the files in the install/directory were deleted. Otherwise anybody could run it on your web site and delete all the content on your web site!
  • If you cannot see the install/ directory anymore, then it means that everything is fine. The same conclusion applies if the install/ directory still exists but is empty (you should the delete it by FTP, as your webhost does not allow its deletion with PHP).

After the migration, the admin password is reset to "pass". Don't forget to change it.


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You are here :   Home » Migration v5.01.00
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