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Sentence to think about :   GuppY ? There is there is less good but it is more expensive !   
Sentence to think about :   Take good contents, a pinch of pixels, let rest and you obtain an harmonious GuppY.   
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en README">GuppY - README   
Page read 8535 time
Preamble Introduction Setup Upgrade Configu ration Skins Notes License Join us Scripts Thanks Preamble (PLEASE READ IT ALL!) Welcome to version 5.0 of GuppY, the easy web ...
en GuppY - Introduction   
Page read 4161 time
Version 5.01.00 of GuppY has been stuffed with loads of new features and improvements to provide as many services as possible. GuppY 5.01.00 can be installed on all hosters systems (or nearly). The ...
en GuppY - First Install   
Page read 4415 time
First setup (demo base)   Let's give some hints about how to prepare a GuppY website with demonstration content, to do some testing:  Download file ...
en GuppY - Configuration   
Page read 7613 time
Configurating your website:   Begin with registering as member on your own website ("Préférences box","Become a member").   Click the Admin icon in the top bar, on the right h ...
en GuppY - Manage the content   
Page read 6588 time
GuppY works thanks to the latest web technologies. To understand how it works, let's go back to the way a traditional web page is created. In a classical web page, you input some text in the middle ...
en GuppY - Internal running   
Page read 8097 time
Let's say it one more time, GuppY does not require the use of a database like MySQL. This provides a great flexibility and many advantages : Almost all Internet hosts can be chosen (they just ...
en GuppY - Technical notices   
Page read 7691 time
Running Guppy means that your browser can manage style sheets CSS and HTML language in version 5 . GuppY shows smoothly with FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Exploreur all recent ...
en GuppY - Licence   
Page read 6606 time
GuppY is protected and distributed freely under the terms of the free CeCILL license. It means that you can use this script for free, modify it for your own use. If you distribute a modified version ...
en GuppY - Skin site   
Page read 4267 time
Templates, skins Templates possibilities have actually been really improved in this version5.01. Full customisation is possible depending on how well you can deal with cascading style sheets ...
en GuppY - Clean install   
Page read 4333 time
CLEAN SETUP The clean setup is meant to erase the demo content and start with a brand new empty GuppY site if you fancy doing so. The starting point for this clean install is anywhere between the ...
en GuppY - Update   
Page read 4596 time
Upgrade You now have a running GuppY but you feel like upgrading it. What you must understand in the first place is how the different versions of GuppY have been named. A Guppy version is ...
en GuppY - Migration v5.0   
Page read 4320 time
Pre-requisite: You are in version 4.6 of GuppY and you check that if you had renamed some files, you renamed them back as the original ones. To do so, go to admin/services config. In ...
en GuppY community - Join us?   
Page read 7333 time
We enjoy your support   All members of the GuppY Team are volunteers; they are involved in development, follwing-up, updates of the sites on their spare time and nights according to their ...
en GuppY community - Versions history   
Page read 3035 time
GuppY :  Security patch 5.00.10 - December 29, 2014   This patch is the 88th version of GuppY.      We are pleased to come up with patch 5.00.10 fixing ...
en GuppY community - The informal team   
Page read 7479 time
The informal team : aldweb - (that's me!, from France) - GuppY's creator and main developper. - e-mail : - Web site : JeandePeyrat, (The ...
en GuppY community - Need help?   
Page read 4256 time
There are several ways you can some help:   GuppY Help Centre gathers together online help, FAQ and tutorials, don't hesitate to refer to it!   Online help: in every section of ...
en GuppY community - Thanks   
Page read 4409 time
Distinctive thanks to our friends: - Saxbar who, since August 2011, has carried out the developement of version 5.0 with persistence and panache, keeping on the lookout innovating solutions ! - ...
en GuppY community - Scripts used   
Page read 4290 time
Several scripts are being used in version 5.01 of GuppY, you will find the list below. We do address all our thanks to their authors for their work and for choosing licencesallowing their scripts to ...



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