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Modal window

You have at your disposal a jQuery script to display modal windows like the one you are reading.
The implementation is simple :
  • write the link :
    <a class="gypoplight" href="#?w=560&amp;rel=popup1&amp;btn=Close&amp;msk=msk=skins/skin5_guppy2015/">The link text</a>
    w=500 indicates the width of the window
    rel=popup1 popup1 is the name of the id of the div container
    btn=Close contains the text of the tooltips button closure

    msk=msk=skins/skin5_02/ indicates the skin directory for the button image
  • write the content in a layer with the appropriate classes :
    <div class="gypopup_block" id="popup1">  .... The content to display ... </div>
You can include any type of content, text and images.

JQuery scripts available

These scripts are available in all documents.

Animated text

GuppY 5.01


GuppY 5.01

Illimited boxes
Dropdown menus
Install function
Backup function

GuppY 5.01

Import documents
Security management
Url rewriting
News releases

GuppY 5.01

Help Centre
Online help

GuppY 5.01



If you find a broken link in this list, please report it to the webmaster.

Unfold Close  1. GuppY official sites

The official web site of GuppY.

Hyperlink    Web site

The GuppY Help Center

Hyperlink    Web site

The land of welcome for your portal GuppY resources

Hyperlink    Web site

The site freeGuppY association

Hyperlink    Web site

Unfold Close  2. GuppY resources

The Papinou site, tips, plugins, skins for GuppY 5.

Hyperlink    Web site

The demo site skins Papinou.

Hyperlink    Web site

Subject extensively covered on the canvas, the peculiarity of it will guide you through the steps that will lead you to the success of your project with the Guppy CMS ...

Saxbar offers this help site for the creation of your website with GuppY 5.

Hyperlink    Web site quésaco ... ??

A new kid behind this name: JeanDenis

... A site to offer tips, small developments, skins for GuppY V5 ...

Hyperlink    Web site

Unfold Close  3. Web server

EasyPHP is an installation package of an apache web server, of the PHP scripting language and of MySQL database (which is not needed for GuppY) for your PC running the Windows operating system.

Hyperlink    Web site

Unfold Close  4. Licence

CEA, CNRS and INRIA, three French public research organisations, released CeCILL in july 2004. CeCILL is the first license defining the principles of use and dissemination of Free Software in conformance with French law, following the principles of the GNU GPL license.
CeCILL is also perfectly suited to international projects. smile

Hyperlink    Web site


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