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Configurating your website:

  1. Begin with registering as member on your own website ("Préférences box","Become a member").
  2. Click the Admin icon in the top bar, on the right handside.
  3. A prompt for a password will show. Key in "pass" (without the quote marks). You will then be wise to hurry up changing this default password on the administration menu !

   - First compulsory step:

   In "Generalitiess", Click the "password" icon to change it.

   Note: You can set again the password at "pass" at any time ; just reload original file admin/mdp.php  by FTP.

   - Second compulsory step:

 Click "Configurations, then"General Config" icon to check that the boxes "Site's URL :" and "Meta Identifier URL :" are properly filled in with the EXACT address of the site (ex: http://www.mywebsite.com/ )

In case of doubt, the following method will automatically fill in the two boxes:

  •  Go to the General Config page.
  •  Empty both boxes "URL of the site" and "Meta Identifier-url".
  • Save the configuration.

GuppY will then fill in the two boxes with the right address.

  •  Save this configuration with the two properly filled in boxes.

Management of your site

 When you're done with general configuration and changing password, you can see the seven sections of the dropdown menu on the administration page.

When hovering mouse pointer, each section will open and the icns of this section show.

 The whole management of your site is grouped together in these sections.

 You will find all needed explanations in the Guppt Help Centre, all pieces of advice and tips to help you customise your site.

Note : In GuppY 5.01.xx, the management page is entirely independant from the other pages..

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  71729 visitors
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