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Sentence to think about :   Take good contents, a pinch of pixels, let rest and you obtain an harmonious GuppY.   
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Welcome to Demo-Skins Papinou !!!

You are on my skins demonstration site, they are all compatible with GuppY 5.01.xx and they can be changed with Config look.

The purpose of this demo site is to allow you to see all pages with skin except the admin page.

In the box " Skins width the choice " first box on the top left on all skins, you select a skin, it will appear automatically.

You will not post on any topic, I refer you to the papinou.fr forum.

Found a skin for your site, you can download by clicking on Download in the menu, then Resources Skins GuppY GuppY 5 and 5.

After downloading the zip, I highly recommend the use of the function install Guppy 5, this is the most simple and unmistakable.

Thank you for your visit, and good luck with GuppY 5.

Latest news item
Happy new year - by Papinou29 24/12/2016 09:42

Pour les décorations de Noël et de fin d'année, vous trouverez Chez Papinou douze skins spéciales pour les fêtes.sapin_noel01.gif

Pour la plupart, vaus avez 3 logos au choix: logo01.png = Joyeux Noël, logo02.png = Joyeuses Fêtes, logo03.png = Meilleurs Voeux, vous sélectionnez le logo dans Config look à Bandeaux, puis vous cliquez sur Enregistrer la config et un autre clic sur Générer style pour modifier le style.css.

Pour la largeur de la boite dans config boites, vous pouvez sélectionner 100%, ou suivant votre choix diminuer la taille en sélectionnant un pourcentage inférieur 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%.

Je vous recommande vivement l'installation avec la fonction Installer de GuppY 5, c'est simple, facile et sans risque d'erreur !!!

Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année à tous et à tous !!!

The last note
Welcome to your blog v5  -  by GuppY_Team

GuppY 5.01.00, web portal, easy to use due to the end user that you are, and which does not require sql database has been enriched with many new features to offer maximum services .

GuppY 5.01.00 is a new development after the revolution of the release of 5.0.0, GuppY structure has been completely revised and modified to be "responsive design" and meet the "mobile-friendly" criteria.

The solution to a single site with a responsive web configuration for PCs and mobile configuration for other devices was selected, detecting the user-agent GuppY of the screen to display the corresponding version.

 Even if they do not see too much at first, the changes are significant compared to the 5.00.11.

You can install GuppY 5. on all Internet hosts (or almost) the only requirement is that your web host to provide the PHP scripting language facility.

No need to know it in HTML, MySQL database or PHP, GuppY offers a full and secured administration interface to manage the look of your site and content of the different sections of your site.

Published on 08/06/2015 10:05 
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Snif !!!
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